Cute Dungeons & Dragons Character Class Emblems

A collection of Dungeons and Dragons class emblems that I designed after a long and unsuccessful search to find cute D&D merchandise.

Each of these icons represents one of the main playable classes from the game. They have gone through many revisions, as I tried to find images that properly represented the fighting style of each class. Some were of course easier than others, such as the ranger with their bow and arrow. Others, like the monk and druid were harder, as the weapons available to them are varied (or in the monks case often their own fists) so it took quite a bit of exploration to land at these final designs.

It is my hope that by having no text classifying what these represent that they will be appealing to more than just those that play Dungeons & Dragons. Players though, will more than likely understand the subtle reference that the hexagon in the background is the silhouette of a D20 (20 sided dice, the main die used in the game).

The pins are available for pre-order here on my website after being successfully funded on kickstarter. Some of the designs are available on a range of products on my Society6 store, and I hope to release them on more items in my own store in the future.

The designs are created using Adobe Illustrator in order to provide the manufacturer with all colour information and the die lines for making the pin moulds.
Photography edited in Adobe Lightroom.